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copyWRITERS: ana ŽURIĆ, aishwarya basker


The idea of eating dishes that are displayed in movies or TV shows is incredibly exciting. In addition to this, the possibility of getting these very same dishes home delivered is beyond satisfying.

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Doordash collaborates with leading online streaming platforms to offer their premium customers (the ones with a DashPass) access to Doordash’s ‘Drool’, an exclusive restaurant dedicated to serving dishes seen in popular movies and TV shows. These dishes would be inspired by the amazing Andrew Rea’s recipes showcased on his popular channel ‘Binging with Babish’.

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The customer journey can be broken down into the following steps:


Step #1 You have logged into the Doordash app, signed up to be a premium customer and have been granted access to a DashPass.

Step #2 You go to the Settings icon of the app and connect the streaming platform of your choice so as to sync your credentials with your Doordash app.


Step #3 Upon completing step #2, Doordash now has access to your movie and TV show list which they will use to understand your timely preferences.


Step #4 You are watching a movie or show on the synced platform of your choice, during which you receive a notification from Doordash telling you that the dish displayed in that movie/show can now be home delivered to you with an effortless click of a button.

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