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Fine dining as a concept of restaurants is currently at its peak. It transforms the ritual of eating into an experience for all senses, constantly pushing the limits. Chefs understand the importance of the visual aspects in dining and use design principles to their advantage. 


My mission with this project was to create a restaurant that would be the perfect blend of design and gastronomy. I wanted to bring out all of the riches of the Croatian Istria county and showcase them in a restaurant that offers not just flavour and texture but also colour and shapes


Kažun is an estate made of different parts that work together to create a harmonious whole. It represents a unity of the elements that create an incredible experience manifested in a meal. It will gather chefs, food experts and designers to create the dishes that embody the spirit of Istria, and the concept behind the restaurant. 


The dishes will be assembled into a cookbook filled with nutrition information, finding good ingredients, and incorporating design into dining. Along with the cookbook, a food truck will make a tour across Croatia, bringing everyone the best of Kažun.

Kažun is a self-sustainable restaurant; it produces its own food, wine and cheese, that are available in the shop located on the estate. With the knowledge of food, Kožun inspires to create dishes that obey design rules, are balanced in colour and shapes on the outside, and the inside is a perfect blend of flavour; sweet and sour, fresh and spicy. With the complexity in the visual presentation and the aesthetics of the dish, the customer is eager to reveal the flavour and experience the dish fully. 

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