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concept/art direction pr stunt

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copyWRITERS: ana zURIC, aishwarya basker


Food wastage is a major problem that exists and is pervasive in every single country. In parallel, world hunger exists. 29% (the highest global average) of all food wastage is caused by people realising they don’t like the food they bought. /Cambridge Student Insights, 2018/

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Maggi creates a version of a 360 campaign that covers all five senses: see, hear, smell, taste and feel which would act as steps the user embarks on before making the decision to purchase the product- the sixth step or in this case, the sixth sense. With this, the campaign, under the tagline “Sences of Responsibility” intends to eliminate any reason of not liking a dish which would ultimately result in not wasting the food purchased

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The execution of the campaign would be divided into four media, each building on the experience with the emphasis on each sense respectively.

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